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OPPORTUNITY KNOCKS PUBLISHING helps small businesses take advantage of the cost-savings and the reach of online delivery of advertising, marketing and public relations messages to enable them to compete with much larger rivals.

Our award-winning team works in partnership with your in-house or outside marketing and public relations specialists to develop, implement and manage effective, proven online marketing initiatives - such as corporate Web sites and customized HTML newsletters - as well as emerging, buzz-generating online and wireless media channels, such as blogs and podcasts - without having to hire additional staff members who have expertise in these specialized services. And at a fraction of the cost that local, national and multinational advertising and public relations firms charge for these services.
  • OPPORTUNITY KNOCKS works with your in-house or outside marketing and public relations specialists to:
  • Evaluate various online advertising, marketing and public relations initiatives with respect to such factors as target audience, internal resources/staff and budget.
  • Develop content for print (i.e., HTML newsletters and blogs) and broadcast (i.e., podcasts and Webinars) that supports overall advertising, marketing and sales objectives.
  • Research and evaluate vendors providing hosting, mass E-mail and other services with respect to such factors as size of target audience, ease of use and cost.
  • Incorporate new media channels into your ongoing branding, advertising, marketing and sales initiatives to synergize with existing hard copy programs, and to repurpose or redirect some programs for online delivery to maximize reach and reduce overall cost.
  • Extend the reach of online communications initiatives through Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques and Really Simple Syndication (RSS) aggregators to distribute original (client-created) newsletter content, blog postings and podcasts.
Once a client has chosen the specific components of an online advertising, marketing and public relations program that best suits its needs, target audience and budget, OPPORTUNITY KNOCKS provides the necessary editorial, programming and design support to implement each initiative:
  • Develop a scope of coverage for online publications and broadcasts that meets the marketing objectives of corporations in specific industries or that provide specialized services - as well as the informational needs of their clients and other stakeholders.
  • Develop realistic deadlines to maintain the publishing or broadcasting schedule.
  • Develop templates, content management systems and databases for mass E-mailing.
  • Identify content sources.
  • Provide editorial guidance.
  • Develop style guides and design templates for online materials that support branding and that have a look-and-feel that is consistent with existing electronic and print materials.
  • Design user interface models, menu systems and navigation schemes for Web sites and Web-based applications.
  • Develop "backend" applications, such as databases, content management systems and E-commerce solutions.
  • Put together a package of services from appropriate vendors.
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